Why enterprise cloud projects fail: three topics not to PaaS on

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Tackling the cloud! I am going to do a series of articles of one company who believes they have a deliverable solution

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

We will once again tackle the topic of polyglot versus best of breed PaaS at VentureBeat’s CloudBeat conference in a few weeks, a topic that only touches a sliver of how PaaS should be talked about.

Unfortunately, PaaS, as defined and delivered by most, has generally been a fisherman’s tale; a story of over promise and under-deliver. If the industry faces down a few tough topics, PaaS can be back on track with a truly transformative vision.

Here are three topics the panel won’t have time to cover, but should:

The next five years will be shaped by private, not public PaaS

Surely, anyone reading this is saying “Are you kidding? Every developer I know uses public PaaS and it’s the future!” While this might be true for independent developers, this is not true for professional developers in the enterprise. The fact is, custom application workloads running inside enterprise datacenters…

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