Cisco seeks new crop of entrepreneurs

Internet of Things

Cisco’s Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) program brings solutions to startups and the next big idea.

Cisco announces the company’s inaugural Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) applicants for the fall 2014 class are now open.  Supporting the residences with early stage funding or series A funding Cisco will give an array technology and talent. Imagine being the lucky five award recipients like Crowdx, Inc., DGLogik, Inc., Pawaa, Inc. , PetaSecure, Inc. and SecureWaters, Inc. .  Each entrepreneur much reach their benchmark on their viability in a multi-stage process.  Cisco will be conducting the stages at their company complex in San Jose, California for a six months stretch.   In addition to financial support, teams will receive co-working space, basic software tools and work closely with the Cisco Investments (Cisco venture capital arm) when the selection is made.

Accepted companies must meet the deadline by enrolling by October 2014. For more information, visit and the EIR blog post. For questions, email us at

About Cisco

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. For ongoing news, please go to

Forget the Birds, Words, and Farms! A New Mobile App Reawakens Your Inner Warrior.

There is something curious about this mobile app Game of You featured on iTunes and Google Play stores. This game made me want to think.  What kind of ancestry do I have? Does my modern day traits link me back to a place of time where nomadic warriors and creatures roamed the earth?  Is this a personality trait game where this game promotes wellness?  Two companies believe it is so.

Two companies teamed up together and produced this fun feature quest.  Digital Management, Inc. (DMI and 500 BC Inc., takes gamers on a journey led by a mystical warrior named Boris.  This fearless boar will take you through his land of mystical animals and landscape.  The navigation of gamer will whisk you away by engaging you in historical facts, quotes from philosophers who marked civilian wisdom and truism.  From Confucius and Pythagoras to Mayans and Druids, the gamer will be encouraged to see their true self today.

 We’re excited to help 500 BC move beyond the Web to reach mobile consumers. This is a brilliant example of how gamification can have a positive influence on well-being.

Jay Sunny Bajaj, president and CEO of DMI

Looking beyond the gameplay, I pondered on the thought how a game can be lifted from a concept to a product with success.  Many have taken to the streets [crowdsourcing or a kickstarter campaign] in hopes of procuring monetization for production and distribution.  According to Phil Goldstein at states that it is hard to come by as a successful run. Shane Schick of the same publication mentions a case study where it actually worked which made Human Project App a monetary success in exceeding campaign goals.

I wanted to satisfy my quest for success for this app. What I discovered is this factoid. My research led me to this interesting whitepaper, Top Ten Healthcare Trends For 2014, published by the KBM group citing Millennials activity: This age group sends an average 88 texts per day, mobile isn’t an activity its a lifestyle — it’s their way of connecting. Roughly one third of patient(s) use their mobile devices or tablets on a daily basis for health research and/or to book appointments and only 20% of consumers’ time on mobile devices are spent on the Web. Eighty percent is spent in apps: games, news, productivity, utility and social networking.

For Carol Phelan-Marsh, founder and CEO of 500 BC, she could not be more pleased with the outcome. The creator of the product said, “Consumers have mastered birds, words and farms but the true test is to discover ourselves. Our ancestors left clues behind to help us thrive, and we want to provide a new way to learn. 500 BC is a game-changer that cultivates a culture of healthy habits in a fun, humorous and actionable way.”

DMI is a leading provider of mobile enterprise solutions integrated vertical  services including mobile strategy, mobile UX and app development, omni-channel commerce, mobile brand and marketing, big data management and analytics, and secure mobile device, app and data management. DMI is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, with satellite and project offices around the world.

500 BC Inc. is an entertainment media company on a mission: to help you navigate the game of life with the wisdom of the ages on your side. 500 BC is here to make this timeless quest of discovery useful and fun.

 Who do you want to be Batman or Flash?

GREE, a global mobile social company, released the Warner Bros. interactive game, Batman & the Flash: Hero Run this weekend.

GREE, a global mobile social company, released the Warner Bros. interactive game, Batman & the Flash: Hero Run this weekend.

Gotham City now has a hero in you. Commissioner Gordon needs your help by signaling you on the Bat- Signal. You have to act quickly to arm yourself against your arch rival the Joker. Gamers can also don themselves as Flash and run through the streets of Gorilla City to fend off their foes in this famed DC Comic game.  You are running against time when you collect your coins because you are not alone. Many gamers have decided that you are their most hated enemy: Catwoman, Gorilla Grodd or Wally West.

If you are Batman, you know what to do.  You pull out your new secret weapon, the Batman Wing Armor.

GREE, a global mobile social company, released the Warner Bros. interactive game, Batman & the Flash: Hero Run this weekend.  The blockbuster entertainment companies, GREE, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment knows how to throw ‛a whammo’ [a sensation].  An action packed adventure DC fans have an opportunity to show their strategy with RPG/Card collections.  Strapping each player with top-notch gadgets and weapons, you as a friend or foe will keep Gotham City or Gorilla City safe from harm or the ability to take over the cities.  There is no solo act produced here with the Batman & the Flash: Hero Run, you get a full throttle global Facebook integration in the mix. Global leaderboards give you bragging rights with your victories in battle. Players are already giving you tip and tricks. But don’t be fooled by their gameplay because you are the only one who knows victory.

Batman & The Flash: Hero Run, a free-to-play mobile game available from the App Store and Android devices. You can follow other GREE‘s games by downloading their site. But make sure you follow the fans on Facebook at or on Twitter at @GREEGames.

This game is intended for players of 12 years or older.

Cisco Live 2014: IoE in Action Media Session: Business / Private Sector

An inside peek into a gaming studio.

An inside peek into a gaming studio.

GREE’s San Francisco studio

Today’s classroom benefit from Cisco Systems Educational Products

Cisco Connected Learning

I interviewed two remarkable professionals. We had an in-depth discussion about Educational Tools for Teachers. The Flipped Classroom series: Part One Part two & Part Three:

Connect with Cisco today!

Parents Admit Shortcomings When It Comes to Protecting Their Children on Social Networks

Study shows that parents need to get involved

You can now protect your child on social networks

With about half of young people experiencing some form of cyberbullying or other harassment online, a majority of parents with children under 18 say they are concerned about their children’s social networking activities and want to find ways to protect them. Most parents also admit, however, that they do not have the tools, knowledge or time to properly monitor their children on social networks—and many admit that they take no precautions at all. That’s according to two new studies released today by SocialShield , the leading online monitoring service dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networks.

According to the studies, over 69% of parents with children ages 10 – 17 say they are concerned about their children visiting social networking sites, with their biggest fears being, in order, contact from strangers, information being displayed online that shares their child’s physical location, postings that could tarnish their child’s reputation, and their child getting cyberbullied.

However, the data also shows that most parents do not take the proper precautions to ensure their child’s safety when visiting social networks.For example, even though 68% of parents believe that daily monitoring is a must because news on social networks spreads fast and needs to be resolved quickly, only 32% of parents say they actually monitor their child’s social networking activities every day, and 28% of parents admit they only occasionally, rarely or never monitor their child’s social networking activities.

Meanwhile, 66% of parents believe they should monitor all of their child’s Facebook activity including emails and chats, yet the most common monitoring technique stated—“friending” their child—does not allow the parent to monitor email, chats or many other activities where dangers could lurk. Even if a parent were to “friend” their child, it would be practically impossible and extremely time-consuming to monitor what all of their child’s friends are doing, especially since the average teenager has more than 200 friends on social networks. Many parents don’t realize that the greatest danger posed to their child on social networks isn’t what their child does, but what others do to or say about their child.

“Almost all parents agree that they have a responsibility to look out for their kid’s safety and well-being while they’re on social networks, but there is a serious gap between what most parents believe is sufficient monitoring and what they are actually doing, which in most cases is far from sufficient,” said George Garrick, chief executive officer of SocialShield. “Our goal is to evaluate every friend request, every comment, every photo and all other activities regarding our customer’s children—including by all their friends—so that we can alert the parents if there’s anything suspicious. It’s ironic that so many parents insure their cellphones or protect their computers with anti-virus software, yet fail to properly protect their children from potential threats that can be both physical and psychological.” 

Unfortunately, suicides by teens who have been cyberbullied on social networks are a fact of life today, as are incidents of predators stalking and contacting young teen girls, with such contact often leading to tragic outcomes. About half of young people have experienced at least some form of cyberbullying, and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center, which also found that cyberbullying victims are almost twice as likely to attempt suicide compared to youth who had experienced no cyberbullying.

Since using a social network essentially requires the use of your real name and identity, many people (younger, more vulnerable teens in particular) often post excessive amounts of personal data including their daily habits and locations, not realizing they are leaving a real-life trail of who they are, what they do, and where they can be found.

Other findings from the report include:

  • 62% of parents feel that occasionally looking over their child’s shoulder while he/she sits at the computer in the family room is enough to monitor his/her activities effectively, even though 71% admit their child also accesses social networks from other places, such as at a friend’s house or the library
  • 50% of parents admitted that “properly monitoring would take a lot of time and I’m sure there are things I’m not seeing”
  • 63% of parents say they frequently review who their child is friending on social  networks to make sure it is only people that he/she knows in real life (although it’s impossible for any parent to really know who a particular “friend” is);
  • 54% of parents say they monitor their child’s social networking account by logging into his/her account as him/her on occasion; only 5% say they are currently using a monitoring application that alerts them if there is something they should be aware of.

Steve DeWarns, a San Francisco Bay Area police officer and the chief safety officer of SocialShield, said: “Whenever I’m speaking to parent organizations, I always tell them that you don’t know what you don’t know, and this data proves that while parents want to protect their kids on social networks, they don’t necessarily have time or even know the most effective way.  And at the most basic level, a large proportion of parents really don’t understand what social networks are and how they work, thus where the risks lie.”

“SocialShield has exceeded my expectations,” said Theresa Jeevanjee, a parent and SocialShield customer. “It’s extremely easy to use, with simple reports and efficient, timely alerts. Until my family started using it, I wasn’t sure we would need it. But we’ve come across lots of things that were worth at least talking about with my kids, and I’ve encountered many opportunities for valuable teaching experiences.”

About SocialShield

SocialShield is the leading cloud-based social network monitoring service. SocialShield gives parents affordable, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art tools to help them enhance Internet safety for their children in the online environment. The patent-pending SocialShield technology flags parents about their children’s activities on popular social networks so they can feel comfortable about who their children interact with online, what photos and conversations are being posted, and where children have profiles. Yet, by operating primarily as an “exception reporting” technology, children can still use these networks with a feeling of privacy and independence.  Based in San Bruno, CA, SocialShield is backed by USVP and Venrock as well as several notable private investors. For more, visit


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